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Our Classes

Cardio Kickboxing

This de-stress workout helps you to build stamina and improve coordination and flexibility while burning your calories and build lean muscles. This group fitness class is high energy workout with fun and helps you build faster reflexes.

Flexibility Training

A modern method of yoga, where in we aim at improving and maintaining flexibility while promoting relaxation. Flexibility plays a key role in our day to day lives by allowing us to perform movement in their full range of motion.


Bored of your daily solo fitness regime? Join our Zumba group class. Zumba makes exercise fun with classes for everybody and every body. It’s a high energy dance fitness class which will motivate you to follow your daily fitness routine with the company of like- minded, positive and fun loving people.


The oldest dance and fitness work out which initiated group classes in India. Our love for aerobics is so deeply instilled that we enjoy the amazing benefits by continuing the practice of its advanced forms with its changing trends.

Agility Fitness Class

Agility is your body’s ability to be quick, graceful and nimble. It is how effectively and efficiently you can move, change direction ad position of your body while maintain control. Being agile not only improves your athletic performance but also how you move in your day to day life.